ACER 14" x 40" Precision E-Lathes


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ACER 14" x 40" Precision E-Lathes

ACER High Speed Inverter Drive Engine Lathes


  • HEADSTOCK: All gears are made with chromium molydenum steel and are hardened & ground to its accuracy. A forced lubrication system lubricates all running gears and bearings within the headstock.
  • GEAR BOX: Unique two lever universal gear box offers a wide range of cutting capacity. All ranges can be reached by moving two levers and two dials.
  • SPINDLE: 1-1/2" bored spindle is made from medium carbon steel and is induction hardened & ground to its final accuracy. It also has a two-point support with both bearings being taper roller.
  • APRON: Automatic feeding and threading in apron are fully interlocked to prevent simultaneous engagement of both functions.
  • TAILSTOCK: Keyed 1-7/16" diametered quill is hardened to Rockwell C 55° & ground to its inspection accuracy.
  • Infinite variable speeds.
  • Oil level indicator.
  • 24 volts safety control circuit with Allen Bradley switches.
  • Weigh in at 1,580 lbs.
  • Safety overload device.
  • Standard foot brake.
  • Forward/stop/reverse lever.
  • Half-nut engagement handle.
  • 9" wide bed way with FC-30 casting iron.
  • Hexagonal bed web.
  • Oil lubricated leadscrew.
  • Two-tone automotive paint.

Special Package Price Includes:

E-Lathe 1440V equipped with "Newall" E70, 2-axis (Digital Readout) & C.S.S. (Constant Surface Speed) & Pre-Installation at ACER Warehouse.

Standard Accessories:

  • One 6" Three Jaw Chuck
  • 4-Way Tool Post
  • One 8" Four Jaw Chuck
  • One 10" Face Plate
  • One Steady Rest (0.78"-2.15")
  • Built-In Coolant System
  • One Follow Rest (0.78"-1.97")
  • Full Length Splash Guard
  • Halogen Work Light
  • Foot Brake
  • Tool Box w/ Tools
  • Micrometer Stop
  • Chuck Guard with Emergency Stop

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