Dake Vertical Bandsaw, Trademaster, 220-volt 3-phase - 88070


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220-volt 3-phase


Dake Vertical Bandsaw, Trademaster, 220-volt 3-phase - 88070

Industrial band saws engineered for performance. These Parma Trademaster vertical bandsaws offer a power feed and tilt table combination, adjustable blade feed, and a 50-500 rpm variable speed range.


  • Designed for high performance at a low price
  • 4 speeds that are easily adjusted
  • Blade changes are quick and easy

Standard Equipment:

  • One standard blade


Model Trademaster
Order Number 88070
voltage 220-volt 3-phase
blade width 1/4 - 1"
blade length 150"
blade speed 50-500
welder capacity n/a
worktable travel distance 11"
band wheels number 2
band wheels size 20
horsepower 1-1/2
A throat size (band to column) 19-1/2"
B maximum work height 12"
CxD work table dimensions 24 x 24"
ExF worktable tilt 10º / 45º
G worktable height 41"
H machine height 80"
JxK machine floor space 40 x 32"
weight 1,150 lbs.

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Dake Vertical Bandsaw, Trademaster