Fowler Sylvac Hi-Cal Electronic Height Gage 12" - 54-931-300


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Fowler Sylvac Hi-Cal Electronic Height Gage 12"

Operator Friendly

  • All functions for height, reference, min, max, delta and diameter/centerline are easily accessed by the operator on a simple control pad.

New Innovation

  • Motorized carriage displacement is controlled by a pair of pressure sensitive switches. The harder the operator presses, the faster the carriage moves.

Accurate and Repeatable

  • The patented speed and measuring force setting allow excellent repeatability by removing operator "feel"


  • Error Max µm: 2.5 + L / 175mm
  • Extra low measuring force, from 0.2 N
  • Measurement of internal and external diameters, centerlines, heights, widths, depths, surfaces
  • MIN, MAX, TIR capability
  • Excellent repeatability thanks to the motorized carriage
  • Intuitive functions/minimizes key strokes
  • Customizable with free software
  • Great mobility
  • High reliability
  • Data output USB and RS232
  • Battery life: 40 hours rechargeable during operation
  • Touch sensitive probe speed for easy operation
  • Base with small footprint
  • 4mm probe shank


Item # 54-931-300
Range 12" / 300mm
Application Range 12.6" / 0-320mm
Maximum Error (µm) 2.5 + L/175
Repeatability 2µm
Resolution 0.00005" / 0.001mm
Velocity (mm/sec.) 50/100
Measuring Force 0.2 - 0.3 Newtons
Self-Contained Use Approximately 40 hours
Overall Height 20.83" / 529mm
Weight 10.14 lb/4.6 kg
S_Connect USB/mini USB/RS-232

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