Industrial Press Reliability-Centered Maintenance, Second Edition - 3146-2


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Industrial Press

Industrial Press Reliability-Centered Maintenance

Second Edition By John Moubray

448 pages, Illustrated

Published: January, 1997

ISBN 9780831131463


Initially developed by the aviation industry, RCM is rapidly becoming fundamental to the practice of maintenance management and is now in use at hundreds of industrial and service organizations around the world. This book provides an authoritative and practical explanation of what RCM is and how it can be applied. It is of vital importance to anyone concerned with productivity, quality, safety, and environmental integrity. Features Written by an expert in the field who has helped users apply RCM and its more modern derivative, RCM2, at more than 600 sites in 32 countries. The second edition includes more than 100 pages of new material on:
  • condition monitoring
  • the analysis of functions and failures
  • human error
  • the management risk
  • failure finding
  • the measurement maintenance performance
Table of Contents
  • Introduction to RCM
  • The Plant Register
  • Functions and Failures
  • Failure Consequences
  • Preventive Tasks
  • Default Actions
  • The RCM Decision Diagram
  • Planning, Organizing and Controlling the Proposed Task
  • The Nature of Failure and Technical History
  • Implementing RCM
  • What RCM Achieves
  • A Brief History of RCM
Reliability-Centered Maintenance, Second Edition