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  • ALUMiNUM Transfer Tanks are designed for the toughest conditions.
  • Made of heavy-duty .
  • 125 gaugetreadplate aluminum, the tanks have internal baffles for reinforcement and to control the flow of the contents when moving.
  • 2" NPT Bungs on both ends for easier access.
  • Lockable Filler Cap and Coupler prevent excessive pressure build-up.
  • All tanks have been pressure tested for leaks
  • The Fuel-N-tool™ Model 433000 offers the convenience of a 72-gallon capacity L-shaped transfer tank and a removable Chest providing 4.5 cubic feet of secure storage space in one unit.

72-Gallon L-Shaped tank

  • Two Full Center Baffles add extra strength and control the flow of the contents when moving
  • 2˝ NPT Reinforced Bungs allow mounting a pump on either side of the tank. Filter system is recommended
  • Four High-Strength Brackets for securing the tank to the bed All brackets must be bolted to the truck bed

Removable, Portable Chest

  • Chest provides 4.5 cubic feet of high-strength storage
  • RSL® Rigid Structural Lid, Heavy-Duty Adjustable Lid Strikers and High-Strength Body resist break-ins
  • Self-Rising Lid has two heavy-duty gas spring lid lifts
  • Leak-Proof Stainless Steel Paddle Handles and Wide Live Cell Weather Stripping resist moisture and dust

Tank not to be used commercially, or for interstate commerce. Tank not to be connected to fuel system as an auxiliary tank. Tank not to be used for flammable fuels, under DOT regulations. Tank does not meet title 49 requirements of the federal register governing transportation. Tank to be used for combustible fuels only. Tank meets the requirements pertaining to CAN/CSA B-621-98 regulations. Tank to be hoisted only when empty. Tank to be securely bolted to truck bed. Do not cut or weld on tank, under any circumstances. Must use an automatic shut off nozzle. Must use a fuel filter in pump system. Tank must be vented at all times. Remove pre-vent cap with caution. Aluminum tanks are not to be pressurized over 6 PSIG. Steel tanks are not to be pressurized over 8 PSIG. Useage of tanks is regulated by State and sometimes local ordinances. Contact your local Fire Department for details. Contact your local Fire Chief or Fire Marshal to determine your local restrictions.


  • Canadian CSA B-621-98 Regulations do not apply to this tanks
  • The Safety Capacity is the MINIMUM capacity of the tank when filled to the bottom of the Bung Fill tube, not the maximum capacity of the tank.

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