Hanser Gardner Thermoplastic Foam Extrusion - 360-3


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Hanser Gardner Thermoplastic Foam Extrusion

Foams enjoy growing popularity because they have unique insulating properties, impact-resistant characteristics, buoyancy, and outstanding strength-to-weight ratios. This unique introduction covers both low- and high-density thermoplastic foams in an easy-to-follow style, avoiding excursions into the theoretical aspects of foam processing. The book includes information on materials and their properties and all major foam extrusion processes. A considerable part of the volume is taken up by a comprehensive troubleshooting guide, designed to help newcomers as well as seasoned practitioners navigate the pitfalls of foam production.

Author: Throne, J.
Copyright: 2004
ISBN: 9781569903605
Hardcover: 139 pages

Thermoplastic Foam Extrusion