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Hanser Gardner Plastics & Coatings

Durability, Stabilization, Testing

This book is a comprehensive overview of the durability of coatings and plastics, such as their chemical, photooxidation, moisture, heat, and solvent resistance. The scope ranges from predicting the service life performance of coatings and plastics to actual quantification of mechanical and physical manifestations of degradation. Stabilization mechanisms such as the role of pigments and light stabilizers are discussed as are the influence of processing conditions on residual stress and adhesion. This book serves as an authoritative guide for practitioners in the plastics arena for use in material selection. Plastics are an increasing part of our way-of-life, and those who learn to properly utilize plastics, from concept design through end-of-life recycling, will gain a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

"...a good value, and I recommend it to everyone in the plastics and protective coatings business."
- D. Wiles in Polymer News

Author: Ryntz, R.
Copyright: 2001
ISBN: 9781569902905
Hardcover: 243 pages

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