Hanser Gardner Moldflow Design Guide - 403-9


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Hanser Gardner Moldflow Design Guide

A Resource for Plastics Engineers

This book helps plastics designers and engineers solve common problems afflicting plastic parts and molds. Moldflow pioneered injection molding simulation in 1978 and has helped over 5,000 manufacturers make better parts faster and with higher profit. Whether you use Moldflow software or not, this guide is an indispensable tool to understanding plastic flow, CAE analysis and results, and cooling and warp effects to aid in the successful design and manufacture of parts and molds. The book incorporates much of the knowledge that has been developed at Moldflow and includes an overview of polymer flow behavior and the injection molding process, design principles to facilitate integrated part and mold design, and examples of how Mold?ow technology can be used both to solve problems and optimize design and manufacturing.

Author: Shoemaker, J.
Copyright: 2006
ISBN: 9781569904039
Hardcover: 326 pages

Moldflow Design Guide