Hanser Gardner Materials Science of Polymers for Engineers 3E - 514-2


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Hanser Gardner Materials Science of Polymers for Engineers 3E

This unified approach to polymer material science covers the wide range of underlying principles: from molecular structure to material properties; from the relationships between part design, processing and performance to mechanical properties and failure mechanisms.

The book stands out with many full-color graphs and figures that visually convey what polymers can--and cannot--accomplish in a world that relies on this class of materials in basically all aspects of modern life. Real-world examples and a variety of problems help the reader apply their knowledge and sharpen their problem-solving skills.

Materials Science of Polymers for Engineers 3E covers the 6Ps: polymers, process, product, performance, profit, and post-consumer life (sustainability). There are three major sections in the book.

Basic Principles — covering historical background, basic material properties, molecular structure, and thermal properties of polymers.

Influence of Processing on Properties — tying processing and design by discussing rheology of polymer melts, mixing and processing, the development of anisotropy, and solidification processes.

Engineering Design Properties — covering the different properties that need to be considered when designing a polymer component from mechanical properties to failure mechanisms, electrical properties, acoustic properties, and permeability of polymers.

Author: Osswald, T., Menges, G.
Copyright: 2012
ISBN: 9781569905142
Hardcover: 595 pages/525 figures/58 tables

Materials Science of Polymers for Engineers 3E