Hanser Gardner Guide to Engineering Materials - MMS-358


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Hanser Gardner Guide to Engineering Materials

Offering extensive and in-depth information, this book contains almost 400 easy-to-read pages of text, tables, and diagrams that provide the properties and characteristics of a broad range of both metallic and nonmetallic materials, complete with detailed descriptions of heat treatment procedures and testing methods. In addition to covering conventional metals such as steel, aluminum and copper, extensive data on plastics, fiber-reinforced composites, specialized magnesium and titanium alloys, and heat-resistant "superalloys" are included. Every effort has been made to present current, useful, and practical knowledge that an engineer, designer or machinist traditionally consults in order to predict a materials suitability for a particular application.

Author: Chapman, W.
Copyright: 2004
ISBN: 9781569903582
Hardcover: 392 pages

Guide to Engineering Materials