Carson 100-1000X Biological Microscope - MS-100-1


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Carson 100-1000X Biological Microscope - MS-100

The MS-100, 100-1000X Microscope is an intermediate level Biological Microscope that is ideal for a high school or university student, hobbyist or technician. The Microscope has a monocular head, at 45 degree angle for comfortable viewing, and is rotatable 360 degrees for easy sharing of the specimen view.

The Biological Microscope has both coarse and fine focus knobs to help the user to achieve a sharp focus. LED illumination provides a bright white colored light and also has an intensity control to set the optimal lighting conditions. The Biological Microscope has a filter holder with included blue color filter. The included AC power adapter allows for use internationally without the need for a voltage transformer.


Model Name Biological Microscope
Model Number MS-100
Magnification 100x-1000x
Eye Pieces WF-10x
Weight 5.35 lbs
Dimensions 67" x 7.2" x 13.2"
Objectives 10x, 40x, 100x
Working Stage Size 115mm x 125mm, Condenser: Abbe 1.25 nA w/ Iris Diaphragm, Filter
Illumination LED Light
Accessories Power Cord Included: AC 110V-240V, 50/60Hz

Carson 100-1000X Biological Microscope