Baileigh Welding Jig Table - WJT-3939


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Baileigh Welding Jig Table - WJT-3939

The WJT-3939 welding jig table is perfect for thos small shops looking for a good economical fixture mounting system. It ffeatures one solid mounting surface that has a flatness of +/- .0025" and a Brinell hardness rating of between 140 and 160.

The best thing about the WJT-3939 welding table is that it accepts all of the same fixtures that the Baileigh heavy duty tables use, so when the time is right and the shop grows you can step right up withouot haveing to have the large expense of swapping out fixtures.


  • 39" x 39" table
  • Made from Q345 Steel
  • Brinell Hardness 140~160
  • Single Mounting Surface
  • Expandable
  • 2 ton weight capacity
  • Industry Standard 28mm Mounting holes
  • 100mm hole spacing
  • Etched Position Marks
  • Includes table Oiler, Brush and cleaning stone


Item Number WJT-3939
Working Table Size 39" x 39"
Table Load Capacity 2 Tons
Table Height 33.5"
Shipping Weight 1,540 lbs
Table Flatness +/- .0025"
Number of Mounting Surfaces 1
Mounting Hole Size 28mm
Mounting Hole Spacing 100mm

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Baileigh Welding Jig Table