Baileigh CNC Router Table - WR-510V-ATC


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Baileigh CNC Router Table WR-510V-ATC

This CNC router table can automatically change tooling in just 8 seconds. Program profile switches into your design to save time and maintain precision during industrial production runs.


  • Large 5’ x 10’ table.
  • Arrives pre-built with correct alignment. No complicated set-up process.
  • Comes with software for plotting out designs on your computer, then turning them into cut patterns for the machine.
  • Runs on 220-volt 3-phase power.
  • Powerful 7.3 hp spindle can tackle hard materials without flinching.
  • 5.5 kilowatt water-cooled spindle will stay accurate through years of production.
  • Variable spindle speed, from 3,000 to 18,000 rpm.
  • Yaskawa brand servo motors ensure smooth running at both fast and slow speeds.
  • High gantry is up and away from material, allowing you to see what it’s doing.
  • Y axis moves far enough for the gantry to clear the table. You can take the material directly off; no need slant it awkwardly.
  • Upload your design to the table with a USB drive.
  • You can operate the machine from the console podium.
  • Automatic tooling changes let you swap out bits with computer-controlled precision.
  • Sensor compensates for the change in tool lengths. That change might seem tiny, but it makes a huge difference to the finished product.
  • Pre-load up to 7 collets with your chosen profiles; the router will switch between them as programmed.
  • Powerful vacuum in the bed of the table holds the material in place during the cutting process.
  • 6 vacuum zones allow you to turn on the valve only for the area where you’re working.
  • Arrange each zone’s vacuum seal into the shape of the material to provide well-distributed suction.
  • Dust shroud fits over the spindle; you can vacuum out all the dust and chips while you’re cutting.
  • Fully-welded steel frame keeps the machine stable, helping the router last longer and preventing vibrations from taking the cut off-course.
  • Covered by a 1-year parts warranty.
  • You can count on lifetime technical support by phone from Baileigh’s team of reps, all with hands-on product experience.




Ucancam is simple enough for beginners, sophisticated enough for experts. It allows you to turn drawings, patterns, and images into cut-ready instruction files.

  • Even customers who warn us that they’re “not tech-savvy” get into this software and quickly start designing.
  • Includes a library of 7,000+ pre-drawn DXF files (common parts, shapes, and designs) that you can modify.
  • Automatic nesting capability lets you enter the number and spacing of parts; the software will figure out the material dimensions you need and fit the parts into it.
  • Just one software to learn. Some competing tables require complex systems of multiple software set-ups to create designs.
  • Compatible with most industrial design softwares, such as CAD systems. Start with any .DXF file and create the cut path in the Ucancam software.


1. Create a vector or line file (.DXF). Draw your design in the software, trace an image, or work from the library of images.

2. Convert to a CNC or G-code file (.NC). Outline a cut path for each line in your file.

3. Bring the design to the table. Save the file to a USB drive. Upload it to the machine.

4. Do a tool touch-off. Use a magnetic sensing disk to set the position of the material, so that the spindle cuts to the correct depth.

5. Cut from your design. Select the travel and the spindle speed through the controller.


Actual Working Area 118" x 59"
Speeds Variable
RPM 3,000 - 18,000
Z Axis Stroke 7.5"
Maximum Moving Speed 787 Inches Per Minute
Maximum Engraving Speed 787 Inches Per Minute
Repostion Accuracy 0.0015
Tool Diameters 1/8", 1/4", & 1/2"
Power 220V - Three Phase
Length 168"
Width 72"
Height 45"
Weight 2500 lbs.
Table Style Vacuum
Magazine Size 8 Tools
Baileigh CNC Router Table