Air Turbine Tools Steel Motor Mount 732MX


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Air Turbine Tools Steel Motor Mount 732MX


4.34” (110mm) overall length, 1.26” (32mm) diameter: dimensions that work for many applications. Fixture mounted ganged applications are accomplished faster with a cleaner finished surface and longer cutting tool life at constant high speed. Mount anywhere on housing of this super low vibration direct drive motor mount. No gears, vanes or brushes to burn up and totally oil free. Mountable area of 32mm by 95mm.

Standard Equipment:

ER-8 or ER-11 Collet System, Keys, Wrenches, included in a carrying case. 1/8”, 3mm, 1/4” or 6mm collet, Oil free 90 psi/6.2 bar dry, clean air supply required.