Air Turbine 202SV Hand Tools


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Air Turbine 202SV Hand Tools


  • The popular 202SV series has a larger turbine and bearing size with the same slim light pencil design as the 201.
  • Note: Power from the bigger diameter turbine is up to 0.55 hp for heavier material removal with heavier duty bearings.
  • The 202 is also available at a slower speed of 30,000 RPM for polishing, 40,000 rpm or 50,000 for deburring or 65,000 for metal work.
  • Lightweight yet powerful, suitable for wide applications.
  • The 202SV is equipped with a shut-off valve located on its hose.
  • No maintenance necessary.
  • No vanes to repair or lubricate.
  • Vibration acceleration 1,0 mm/s².
  • Vibration is extremely low reducing stress and injury risk.
  • The 202SV is the natural progression for the 201 user who uses the tool continually. 

Standard Equipment Included

  • 1/8” or optional 3mm collet, collet wrenches, rear exhaust, 5’ air supply assembly with slide valve and 1/4” NPT air supply fitting. Oil free 90 psi / 6.2 bar dry, clean air supply required.