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Item # Description Price Quantity
690900 JTM-1050 CNC Mill with 2-axis DRO $30,699.00

690910 JTM-1050 CNC Mill with 3-axis DRO $34,499.00

690904 JTM-1050EVS/230 with 2 axis DRO $32,699.00

690902 JTM-1050EVS/230 with 2-axis DRO $32,699.00

690912 JTM-1050EVS/460 with 3-axis DRO $36,699.00

690914 JTM-1050EVS/460 with 3-axis DRO $36,699.00

Features of the Acu-Rite MillPWR 2 or 3 Axis Control

  • Bolthole calculations, calculate bolthole patterns instantly.
  • Tool offset and tool library.
  • Jog control, move quickly from one location to another using one axis at a time or any two axes simultaneously.
  • 3-D contouring, ability to import and run G-code files form CAD/CAM programs.
  • Mirror/Repeat/Rotate, easily manipulate part programs to save time and reduce program steps.
  • 10" flat panel, vivid, color, LCD display to view immediate graphic feedback.
  • Menu-prompted conversational programming, easily create part programs, edit, reverse, change, delete and copy/move steps - follow the menu prompts and let MILLPWR do the rest.
  • Info button, built in help screens for content specific jobs.
  • Feed rate override, adjust the feed rate without exiting the milling function or programs.
  • Built-in calculator, perform standard, trig and geometry calculations and transfer them directly into part programs.
  • Calculate RPM values simply by entering the tool diameter and the surface speed that you want to operate at.
  • Spindle control message, display a message to prompt operator to turn spindle on/off and set forward/reverse.

  • Milling Machine Features
  • Mehanite casting.
  • Precision bored and honed milling head.
  • Large diameter quill is chromed.
  • High precision Class 7 spindle bearings.
  • Spindle head is internally cooled.
  • Satin chrome finished dials.
  • Heavy-duty splined motor drive.
  • One-piece quill pinion and shaft.
  • Three-stage power downfeed with automatic stop.
  • Heavy-duty spindle brake.
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