Align Power Milling Table Feeds, 150 lbs. Torque

Align Power Milling Table Feeds, 150 lbs. Torque

$24.00 - $450.00

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Item # Description Price Quantity
E-0934-4 102 Zytel Gear Assembly Without Center Hub PO1007 For All Models $32.00

A-0100-03B 103 Bevel Gear (22mm X 4mm) PO1032 For Z Axis $65.00

P01017 103 Bevel Gear (5/8" Bore x 1/8" keyway) P01017 $64.00

A-0100-03 103 Bevel Gear (5/8" Bore X 1/8" Keyway) PO1017 For AL-235/250 & AL 300/400 $65.00

E-0934 113 Zytel Gear Assembly PO1909 For All Models $52.00

F-1101-8P 114 Limit Switch Assembly (3Wire) PO1924 For AL-235/99 & AL-300 $55.00

F-1101-8V 114 Limit Switch Assembly (4Wire) PO1910 For al-250/SP-250 & AL-400/500 $55.00

A011399A 150 Small Adaptor A-0113-99A For AL-99 only $40.00

A-0113 29 Adaptor A0113 For AL-300/400/500 $35.00

E-0925V 73 Armature Assembly E0925V For AL-235/99/250 & AL-300/400 $60.00

E-0925SP 73 Armature Assembly PO1907 For AL-500 & SP-250 $60.00

E-0926V 74 Motor Field Assembly EO926V For AL-250/SP-250 & AL-400/500 $60.00

E-0926P 74 Motor Field Assmebly EO926P For AL-235/99/250 & AL-300 $60.00

E-0916V Circuit Board Assembly E0916V For AL-250/SP-250 & AL-400/500 (JC-10A) $60.00

E-0916P Circuit Board Assembly JC2H For AL-235/99 & AL300 (JC-2H) $52.00

AL-500SY Cross Feed Y-axis, 150 lbs. Torque, Max. 650ln-lbs., 0-200RPM $450.00

AL-500SZ Knee Feed Z-axis, 150 lbs. Torque, Max. 650ln-lbs., 0-200RPM $450.00

P-01910 Limit Switch $48.00

AL-99SP Longitudinal X-axis, 135 lbs. Torque, 0-165 RPM $350.00

AL-500SX Longitudinal X-axis, 150 lbs. Torque, Max. 650ln-lbs., 0-200RPM $395.00

E-0907 On/Off Switch For All Models $24.00

Align Power Milling Table Feeds 150 lbs. Torque

  • Fits Bridgeport and Bridgeport style vertical mills.
  • High torque of 150 lbs./inch.
  • Special electrical relay protects against damage caused by power failure.
  • New and stronger design assures long trouble free life.
  • Electric & mechanical parts are made for easy maintenance.
  • Rapid breaking, full range, variable speed control, built-in slip clutch action to protect plastic gear.
  • One Year Full Parts And Service Warranty
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