MAHR MarCal Universal Caliper 16 EWV in Set

MAHR MarCal Universal Caliper 16 EWV in Set

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Item # Description Price Quantity
4102520 Battery 3V, Type CR2032 $14.00

4102410 Data Collection Cable Opto RS232C w/SUB-D jack 9-pin $85.50

4102411 Data Connection Cable Digimatic (2m) Flat Plug 10-Pin $82.00

4102357 Data Connection Cable USB (2m) $146.00

4118807 Range: 8" / 200mm | Resolution: 0.0005"/0.01mm | Error: 0.03mm $555.75

MAHR MarCal Universal Caliper 16 EWV in Set

  • The 16 EWV can also be used as a standard caliper (4 types of measurement are possible).
  • When used in conjunction with the standard accessories it is possible to measure recesses, grooves, etc.
  • In conjunction with the additional accessories threads, bores, serrations, etc. can be measured.
  • RESET (Set display to zero) mm/inch
  • Reference-Lock Unlock
  • DATA (Data transmission via connection cable)
  • Auto-ON/OFF
  • Immediate measurement due to the Reference system
  • Excellent resistance against dust, coolants and lubricants, protection class IP67
  • MarConnect data output, choose alternatively: USB, OPTO RS232C or Digimatic
  • Dirt wipers are integrated in the slide
  • Life of the battery up to 3 years
  • Max measuring speed 2.5 m/s (100“/s)
  • High contrast LCD with 8.5 mm high digits
  • Lapped guideway
  • Slide and beam made of hardened stainless steel
  • Measuring blades for inside measurement
  • Step measuring function
  • Locking screw
  • Supplied with: Case, battery, operating instructions

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