Clausing Heavy-Duty, Large Capacity Radial Drill CL1230H

Clausing Heavy-Duty, Large Capacity Radial Drill CL1230H


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CL1230H Heavy-Duty, Large Capacity Radial Drill $25,115.00

Clausing Heavy-Duty, Large Capacity Radial Drill CL1230H

Features and Standard Equipment:

  • High-quality cast-iron arm with heat-treated and ground slides for smooth and accurate head positioning.

  • The bearing bracket of gear-box is fitted with standard bearings to fit arm slide for smooth gear-box operation.

  • High speed gears are made of Nickel-Chrome Steel and are heat-treated and ground for durability.

  • Powerful 3 Hp, 2-speed, heavy-duty spindle drive motor.

  • Overload protection device

  • The main spindle is balanced by an adjustable block.

  • Coolant System

  • Low volt and overload protection

  • Equipped with hydraulic clamping. With a push of a button you can have arm unclamped then move vertically, or stop then clamp automatically.

  • Tool kit and manuals




Working Area


Column Sleeve Dia  (E)

11.81" (300mm)


Column Face to Spindle Center




Maximum  (D+C)

46.1" (1170mm)



Minimum  (D)

13.4" (340mm)


Spindle Head Travel  (C)

35.0" (890mm)


Base Surface to Spindle End



Maximum  (A)

53.9" (1370mm)



Minimum  (B)

19.3" (490mm)


Arm Vertical Travel  (A-B)

24.8" (630mm)


Arm Rotation (Right & Left)



Baseplate Working Surface

48"x29.1" (1219mm x 739mm)


Box Table Area



Length (L)

25.0" (635mm)



Width (K)

24.5" (520mm)



Height (H)

16.3" (415mm)


Base Dimensions



Floor Area (R x S)

67.9"x28.1" (1725mm x 715mm)



Height (Q)

7.1" (180mm)

Drilling Head


Spindle Taper



Spindle Stroke

9.84" (250mm)


Quill Diameter

3.15" (80mm)


Number of Spindle Speeds



Spindle Speeds (rpm)



Number of Feeds



Spindle Feed Rate (in(mm)/rev.)

0.002"(.05mm), 0.0035"(.09mm), 0.006"(.15mm)


Spindle Drive Motor (2-speed)

3 hp (2.25 Kw)


Elevating Motor

1 hp (.75 Kw)


Clamping Motor

1 hp (.75 Kw)


Coolant Pump Motor

1/8 hp (.10 Kw)

Overall Measurements and Weight


Max. Machine Height (F)

109.5" (2780mm)


Base and Column Height (G)

81.1" (2060mm)


Shipping Dim.




80.1" (2035mm)




39.2" (995mm)




88.2" (2240mm)


Net Weight

4,630 lbs (2100kg)


Shipping Weight

5,071 lbs (2300kg)

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